Take A Stand For Good is providing the container for this inaugural “think tank.”

The symposium will be an experience in SYNERGY and the power of what’s possible when a group of individuals with the same mission unite, engage in breakthrough conversations, receive, present and exchange information, leverage individual strengths, cultivate radical connections and create action plans that will allow this movement to make leaps towards a new society previously unthinkable.

There is no predetermined “agenda” for this symposium.  It is being informed by the participants.  Content is being developed with each kindness leader coming onboard.Three months prior to the event the 8 person advisory board will gather and lock down the curriculum.



How is this going to work?

As each organization signs on to participate, they add their ideas as to “how” they would like to be involved.  Perhaps they have a subject matter they are interested in and together, we create a panel to further explore the ideas.  Perhaps, an organization wants to show an inspirational film  Perhaps a leader wants to speak to an audience and get feedback or involvement in an effort.  Perhaps an organization is “stuck” at some level of growth and needs help in certain arenas.  We will be building the content on the symposium, brick by brick.

It is crucial that we have wisdom from all generations.  Th event will included nominated youth kindness ambassadors, a “Brilliant & Innocent” 7-8 year old panel and “Wise & Experienced” elder panel.

The synergy of the passion and commitment of the participants can not help but to exponentially elevate the kindness conversation and ultimately, the kindness in the world.

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