Implementing the Action Plan For a Positive Cultural Shift in our Nation.

The National KindnessCollective

Date: April 20-22, 2018
South San Francisco, CA

Meet the KindnessCollective

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Learn more about our collaboration with American Camp Association and our work together, giving our youth the tools they need to be the bold, kind leaders of tomorrow.

The Invite List

Meet the 70 organizations dedicated to making our world a kinder place. These are the men and women who will guide our nation forward in a kinder direction. 43 Kindness Leaders are currently confirmed to participate.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We invite you to be a driving force in bringing more intentional kindness to the world. Your involvement is a powerful action to this commitment. If you're interesting in joining us as a sponsor, please contact us.

The KindnessEvolution

The KindnessEvolution organization has been formed to more fully integrate kindness, compassion and generosity into every aspect of our culture.  Focusing on our youth and young adults, The KindnessEvolution will be seeding change that will have a fundamental impact on the future leaders of our nation.   
There is a national crisis of spirit.  By concentrating on fostering the values of compassion, generosity, empathy and being of service in schools, camps, youth groups, after school programs, etc., we will help parents, teachers and program leaders to educate, inspire and train a new generation of compassionate, socially-minded, community-oriented citizens.  
We are taking a stand for a kinder nation.  These leaders will make sure of that! 

Change can happen because of $10 & $25 donations from thousands of people.

We are entirely funded by donations.
From the smallest gesture to a substantial gift, it all matters.
Please consider supporting this initiative and helping us do this important work.

All gifts and donations are 100% tax deductible.

Statement From The Founder

I have been researching the kindness is our nation since early 2013 and what I know is that the world is much kinder than most people think and far kinder than our news media would have us believe. And, I have the data to prove it.

My life mission is to “Rally, Connect and Unite People for Good. It is my honor and privilege to lead and launch our Nation’s KindnessEvolution and fulfill on my life mission, as well as assist in amplifying the goodness that already exists and inspiring more of it.  

I welcome you to join us on this journey.

Imagine a world where practicing intentional kindness is valued as one of your life’s greatest achievements.

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Behavioral scientists confirm our basic human goodness.

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How will I participate?

  1. Do you know any kindness leaders or organizations that are missing from the invite list and should definitely be included?
    We are committed to diversity.

  2. Do you know any businesses/corporations that are aligned with “doing good” and might want to be involved?  

    The social media reach of the 70 kindness organizations is 24 million.

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All gifts and donations are 100% tax deductible.